galeria 29

After one year of doing things on the street, I have become more and more interested in making objects for a gallery. My motivation came from the large number of artists I have come to admire for their works produced for exhibition spaces. In order to do this as freely as possible, I built my own gallery in the living-room of my apartment. This space allowed me to work independently, following my own interests. It also gave me the opportunity to function as an exhibiting artist and as a curator, at the same time.

My intention was to keep this gallery going for one year, from August 2008 to July 2009. Two of the exhibitions were of my own works, and the rest were dedicated to a number of people I appreciate and want to promote.

The gallery worked as a space for the distribution of contemporary art. All the exhibits were given to the public for free at the end of the openings.

For the first four exhibitions, half of the objects were offered to those who were present at the openings, through a raffle or tombola procedure. The other half was available on the internet via incepem group or, but also to those who wrote to me at - mirceanicolaeee[at] For this segment of the public the same raffle or tombola procedure was used.

Beginning with the opening on December 6 / 2008, I gave up distribution through the internet. From that moment onwards, ten invitations to the exhibitions were publicly available on

1. mircea nicolae - ten demolished houses / august 9, 2008
2. elena ciobanu - scars / cctv / september 12, 2008
3. lidia neagu - 1998 / 2008 / october 11, 2008
4. razvan botis - sugar / earth / rosy sausage / november 1, 2008
5. michele bressan - found footage / december 6, 2008
6. no limits missionary - kagule / february 20, 2009
7. tudor ene - sheet iron and paint / march 6, 2009
8. alina samoschi - pufarine / march 20, 2009
9. claudia cristea / sinziana marin / mircea nicolae - the last exhibition / march 27, 2009
10. lea rasovszky - drawings on wallpaper / june 12, 2009