7. tudor ene - sheet iron and paint

The exhibition took place on March 6, 2009, at 21.00, within a home gallery set up in a typical block of flats living room.

I met Tudor Ene in Timisoara. He had climbed a barrel and he was drawing something on a wall. During that week I made my first intervention, but he was already there, although he was ten years younger than me. A young artist in the most literal sense, Tudor takes photos, writes graffiti and paints on canvas. But he also participates as a curator in a photography exhibition.

I proposed a format and a medium in which to continue his paint manipulations. I introduced him to an area of industrial materials, taking him out of the intimacy of oil on canvas.

Because of their shape, the sheet iron circles look like a series. However, they are the material base for completely different visual stimuli from one object to the other. The color contrasts, but also the materiality of paint that flows into abstract shapes, beyond any representation, build a range of sensations that are deciphered with the eye, rather than through intellectual effort.

The viewer's feelings are set in motion by the flood of raw vitality.

The exhibition was made up of a series of ten sheet iron circles, on which paint had been poured. They were distributed through a raffle or tombola procedure to the public at the opening. Because of limited space, access was invitation based only. To this end, 10 invitations were offered to those who wanted them through a public announcement on feeder.ro.