ora 14 - about contemporary art

My project started on the 5th of May 2007, with the first post on the blog page. I had just returned from Timisoara, where I had done the first interventions. A year and seven months have passed since then and I feel that I have learnt a great deal, both on a pragmatic and theoretical level.

I never use all I have learnt, as there are few gestures or situations that request all our knowledge at the same time. I often discover artists that I like very much and because I have nobody to talk to about them, the first impression fades and the information is left partly undigested. I have always felt the need for the presence of a person mature and capable at the same time, who would talk to me about the things I am interested in, someone that would also make the effort to educate me. Academic life has not offered me what I was looking for, and this is how I became a self-taught person.

From the motivations mentioned above came up the idea to organize a series of classes in which I would teach others what I have learnt so far about contemporary art. I am interested first of all in a theoretical component, in which the history of art after the fifties would be correlated with talks on critical thinking and the theory of visual arts. I would also like that theory be accompanied by practice and the knowledge passed on be turned into objects and gestures during workshops.

However, for the time being my project is not complete. Nevertheless, at the invitation of an ex-teacher, starting with December 4 2008, I have started to teach a class of contemporary art at George Cosbuc High School in Bucharest. This is the prototype of what I would like to do later. The course is held every Monday at 14.00, and it is open to pupils from the high school who are interested in the subject as an extra-curricular option.

1. introduction
2. abstract expressionism
3. museum of mini-art
4. shaped canvas
5. found objects
6. conceptual art
7. minimalism
8. land art
9. process art
10. the last exhibiton