81 / 4 collaborations - wedding

Between the mayor of the Second Sector of Bucharest - Neculai Ontanu, and Liviu Negoita - the mayor of the Third Sector, a symbolic battle is being fought. It is materialized in the style and magnitude of the green spaces in front of the blocks of flats, but also of those at the major crossroads. In the Morarilor area, the line of tram 40 divides the two sectors, as it marks the border between them. While the flower arrangements in front of the gas station on the territory of the Third Sector are discreet, the flower arrangement and the urban furniture over the road, in Sector Two, surpass all visual expectiations.

An extraordinary number of vases, columns, ornaments, types of flowers, flags, signs of the local mayor's office are crowded into a place too small for all of it. The waste of money and means are added to a questionable taste. Moreover, under the feeric landscape created by Neculai Ontanu, some homeless people live inside the sewer.

The first time I saw Neculai Ontanu's urban landscape arrangement I was quite shocked. Later on I had a conversation with Lidia Neagu, following which we decided to do something about this place. Lidia borrowed a bride's dress, I put on an overcoat. Thus, we disguised ourselves into bride and groom. We took pictures with our back to the camera, facing the green space built by Neculai Ontanu, but also posing as two youngsters disappointed by the mirage of marriage. The photos were taken by Larisa Sitar. More images here.