december 15 / 2008

This time two pupils came. I had brought from home the materials we needed to built a Museum of Mini Art. We used four pieces of mousse glued together to build the exhibition space, and glued them with silicone. There were also four pieces of thick cardboard and a piece of wood which I had prepared with acrylic gesso, to be used as mini-canvases.

I made no historical or theoretical presentation this time, this was a workshop. We each chose a painting by either Newman, Rothko, Albers or Pollock and started to paint.

The mini-paintings had almost the same kind of presence as their originals and I was glad to take part in their scaled-down reproduction.

Also, the final result in Pollock's case was quite interesting to observe, because the small dimensions did not allow for the large gestures needed and they did not offer the space for movement that the dripping technique required. However, the paint spots rendered visible a certain amount of the vitality that his paintings display.